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Our providers use HRV biofeedback paired with mindfulness building to empower you to self-regulate your emotions

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We’re a drug-free solution to stress and worry backed by empirical research, as well as decades of evidence on heart rate variability biofeedback.

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  • Track with Lief

    Lief is the most intelligent, clinically accurate HRV wearable, and the only one that can intervene in real time to help your body de-stress with personalized HRV biofeedback.

  • Train with coaches

    Your Lief coach will connect with you one-on-one to provide evidence-based strategies to reduce stress and improve your well-being. You can sign up for coaching directly in the Lief app.

  • Transform how you feel

    As you learn how to breathe your way to higher HRV, you'll feel better from the inside out, and experience the power of calming your mind on-demand.

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Meet our team of Stanford trained providers and HRV biofeedback certified health coaches who will empower you to feel better with a natural solution.

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